Monday, June 27, 2011

July Dinner Menu

                                       July 2011
Local Side Stripe Shrimp – sweet little gems from prince William sound
Peel and eat with classic cocktail and a sweet garlic dipping sauce                          $10.00                                 
Schwarma – a popular morroccan street food.
Spicy strips of grilled flank steak served with warm pita and a variety of crunchy condiments and a cool yogurt sauce                                                                                                               $12.00                                      
Baked Crostini with cherry tomatoes and artichoke puree
topped with melted gouda  …6 pcs                                                                             $9.00                                                                                                                             
Sweet Potato Falafel lettuce wraps
 with tangy lemon tahini sauce                                                                                   $10.00                                    
Basket of Fresh Bread and Butter                                                              $3.00

Soups and Salads:
Mushroom or beef with all the fixins                                          cup    $5.00  bowl   $8.00
Watermelon Salad
With shaved fennel, red onion, mint and a sprinkling of feta cheese      
                                                                                                 half     $4.00      full    $7.00

Babyback Pork ribs  they’re back!
Oven roasted in our house made sweet and spicy BBQ sauce
With cider baked black beans, classic slaw and herbed potato salad…
Summer on a plate!                                                                                                 $18.00                                    Chicken mole tacos
Free range chicken, slow roasted and then shredded and tossed with rich mole sauce served in crisp flour tortillas with lime cabbage slaw and fresh corn pico de gallo
 topped with avocado cream.  black beans and brown rice on the side                   $17.00                                                                               
Baked Stuffed Red Pepper
With yellow curry laced brown rice, coconut milk, mushrooms and baby bok choy
Over fresh spinach tossed in a sweet soy reduction                                               $16.00                                                                         
Rockfish Provincal with south American style
Oven roasted rockfish fillet over linguine with a cherry tomato, kalamata olive and red wine sauce and topped with a fresh basil and parsley chimichurri                                                  $18.00

Sweet Potato delicious!
Desserts to be announced!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Menu

June 2011
Two Sisters Bakery

Local Spot Shrimp
Peel and eat with classic cocktail and a sweet garlic dipping sauce                          $10.00                                 
Pulled Pork sliders
With house made BBQ sauce                                                          2 for $6.00 4 for $12.00
Baked Brie with cherry tomatoes and basil
Served with toasted bread                                                                                             $8.00
Basket of Fresh Bread and Butter                                          $3.00

Soups and Salads:
Mushroom or beef with all the fixins                                 cup    $4.00  bowl   $7.00
Spinach Salad
With feta cheese chopped tomato and red onion       half     $4.00      full    $7.00

Orange Ginger Chicken Bone in breast or leg and thigh                 $16.00                                    Braised Short Ribs
With oven roasted rosemary fries.                                                                                $18.00
Roasted Vegetable Rustic Tarts 
Ask your server for today’s selections                                                                           $15.00
Crab Mac and Cheese
Definitely PG 13 material, this is totally not your kids macaroni and cheese!            $17.00

Desserts to be announced!