Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Menu 2014

Cheesy Bread- jalapeno, bacon bleu, pulled pork or plain -7.
Bruschetta - 8.
- fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil
- cranberry cream cheese, copa ham, fresh pear slices
Carpaccio- beef tenderloin, lightly seared and thinly sliced on a bed of greens with hot sesame oil and soy sauce -10.
Indian Chapati Wraps- whole wheat Chapati, slow cooked pulled Pork or roasted Sweet Potato with crunchy veggies, spicy sauce, Green Tomato Jam and yogurt raita -10.
Seared Scallop Stuffed Mushrooms - with pesto and roasted tomato
Topped with roasted sweet red pepper cream -12..
Bread and Butter Basket- 3.

House- fresh greens, shaved carrot, sweet pepper and scallions. balsamic vinaigrette or creamy herb dressings - sm 4. lg 7.
Warm Harvest Salad- fresh greens, roasted sweet potato, beets and squash with warm feta and malbec vinaigrette - 9.
Panzanella -warm crusty bread chunks tossed with roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grilled onion, leafy greens and warm balsamic vinaigrette -9.

Shredded Green Apple Salad tossed in lime juice and served over fresh greens with julienne vegetables, toasted walnuts and beet tahini dressing -9.

Mac and Cheese- cheddar and gouda over penne pasta -12.
w/smoked salmon, pulled pork,  
bacon and tomato or local kale -17.

Thai Vegetable Roast- Potato, sweet potato, squash, carrot and red pepper over roasted kale and coconut rice with lime peanut sauce 17.

Crispy Rockfish-panko crusted and oven fired. served on a bed of ginger slaw and coconut rice with Morgan’s sweet-spicy sauce -20.

Butter  Chicken- an indian classic in a rich sauce of turmeric, garam masala and yogurt made with organic chicken roasted bone in. choice of two sides -20.

Spicy Scallop Pasta- chorizo, tomatoes and kale in a chili lime cream sauce -22.

Ribeye Steak- 12 oz of mcneil meats finest, pan seared and finished in the wood oven, topped with grilled scallions and a drizzle of stout cream sauce
choice of two sides -25.

BabyBack Pork Ribs- with rhubarb sesame barbecue sauce and cucumber ginger pickles, choice of two sides -24.

Sides: $4.00 ala carte:
Purple potato mash, Coconut Rice, Rosemary Potatoes,
Curry Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Vegetable of the Day,
Ginger Slaw, House salad