Thursday, May 19, 2011

April Menu

For the month of APRIL 2011
Two Sisters Bakery
Dinner Menu
Peel and Eat Local Spot Shrimp
Straight from Southeast Alaska; Served Chilled with Classic cocktail sauce and a 
Chipotle lime dipping sauce                                                                                                    $12.00
Vegetable or Beef Satay
Skewered and oven roasted, served with a peanut dipping sauce    4 skewers                        $8.00
Rockfish Crudo
Thin slices of rockfish, flash cured with lime juice, served with cilantro, tomato
And a drizzle of olive oil. Toasted flour tortilla chips on the side.                                       $10.00
Baked Brie
With tomato-basil salsa, roasted garlic and toasted sourdough rounds                                 $9.00                                 Basket of Fresh Bread and Butter                                                     $3.00

Soups and Salads:
Mushroom or beef with all the fixings                                           cup             $5.00         bowl             $8.00
Caprese Salad
With house made fresh mozzarella, fresh basil
and tomato on a bed of chopped spinach
served with a balsamic vinaigrette                                                              half            $4.00              full            $7.00
Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps
A build your own dish
Chicken or Tofu marinated in Sweet chili and pan roasted
served with crunchy lettuce wraps and all the condiments                                                 $16.00                                                                                        
Italian seafood stew with tomato and fennel.                                         
With Garlic toasts and a dollop of aioli                                                                              $18.00                                                                       
Add pasta $3.00
Oven Roasted Babyback Pork Ribs
With classic slaw, sweet potato hash and a spicy barbecue sauce                                             $18.00  
Indian Red Lentil Stew
with garlic glazed aspargus over cous cous                                                                          $16.00
add a skewer of 4 shrimp  $5.00


To be announced….

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